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Build Instructions

To build Vcc, you need Visual Studio 2012, RC or later
To build VSPackage, you also need the VS 2012 SDK and the VS 2010 SP1 SDK [url:Visual Studio 2010 SP1 SDK) and the F# PowerPack. To build the installer, you will also need WiX 3.6 RC and the MSBuild Community Tasks.

To build Vcc, build vcc.sln either from within Visual Studio or from command line with msbuild vcc.sln. In the latter case, you will have to have at least Visual C++ Express installed (see Installation Prerequisites) , otherwise the compilation of the Visual Studio AddIn will fail with missing references.

If you do not have Visual Studio installed, this full build will fail because of dependencies on VS DLLs in the VS AddIn project. You can still compile the command line tool with msbuild vcc.sln /p:Configuration=CompilerOnly

Note that you will need msbuild from the .net Framework 3.5 or later - earlier versions will report an error. This will create the vcc.exe compiler at vcc\Host\bin\CompilerOnly, which can be run from that location.

We are currently not building directly against the sources of Boogie or CCI but instead have a binary dependency.

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